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Guide on short-form ads in 2023

Grab viewers' attention and convert it into SALES. Simple as that.


We use it for most of the videos*




why better


Call to action

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Catch attention within first 3 seconds

Reveal the problem to resonate with viewers

Introduce your product

Explain why you better than competitors

Show how your product solve viewers' problem

Encourage them to make the next step (purchase, book a call, get more info etc..)

*this STRUCTURE is Perfect for products that have practical use

Examples of products:

Vintage Film Camera Cutout
power bank, external battery
Electric Toothbrush
Hands Holding a Skincare Product
Filtered Water in Water Filter
car vacuum cleaner
Skateboard with Grip Tape
we Also distinguish 2 more categories of products

products that elicit an emotional response

products that trigger a status related reaction

Grinning Squinting Face hand drawing emotion
Brown Louis Vuitton Monogram Leather Handbag

people decide to purchase these products


logical explanations why they should buy these products Are not effective

8 seconds

is an average attention span of gen z

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keep it short and to the point

make changes every 1,5 seconds

  • Short-form ads thrive on brevity. Capture your audience's attention within the first few seconds and maintain their interest throughout

  • Aim for ads that are 10 to 30 seconds long, as longer ads may lose viewers

  • Focus on the most crucial elements of your message, ensuring that every second counts

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